Mahaan Sri Subramania Sastrigal Yatheendraal

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Appeal for Renovation of the Adishtanam for Sri Subramnia Sastrigal[Yatheendraal] at Siddhamalli

Samadeeshwarar of Siddhamalli




An Appeal for generous contribution for the construction of Adishtanam of Sri Subramania Sastrigal[Yatheendraal] at Siddhamalli


Dear Devotee,
In the kaliyuga, the God Almighty is accepted as a saviour of Mankind. His compassion, benevolence and love for his devotees are in no mean measure. To reach him, a devotee need not undergo arduous penance or complicated ritualistic procedures. Undaunted devotion or Bhakti and self realisation leads one to surrender at his lotus feet.  This is the ultimate desire for all us devotees.
To follow any one or more of the above path, a devotee requires a place to practice, meditate and dwell on his thoughts and attain peace and his wishes answered.
Such is the place of this Great Mahaan of Siddhamalli.
It is genereally said that an Adishtanam, therefore, assumes importance for such persuits and the said Adishtanam of Sri Subramania Sastrigal[Yatheendraal], has been incessantly striving to bring in Bakthas/devotees from the world over, to regain its lost glory and to be built and worshiped as a full fledged temple with poojas as per vedic vidhis. 
Construction work has been proposed to start first for building a compound wall and other many amenities are also being put on proposal. Due to lack of funds, the proposed renovation work is pending for quite some years.
Please reassure in your mind that this is your Adishtanam  and that you desire to surrender at His lotus feet, leaving all  other things which are ephemeral.
The Adishtanam is in a very dilapidated condition and is crying for renovation for quite some time.
As this  is a dream project for His entire descendants, your whole-hearted support physically, financially and morally is necessary, in immense measure, to accomplish this task.
You can participate in this project in the following ways:
1.  by bearing the cost of Cement/Steel. etc.
2.  by Sponsoring the Labour Charges of the Construction.
3.  by Sponsoring for the entire cost of any one apsect of the Project i.e. Compound wall construction/concrete covering for the Adhistanam etc.
4.    by Sponsoring the whole construction cost of the proposed aminities planned for all the devotees who may be interested in visiting this place. 
5.    by donating any amount for the contruction of this Adishtanam.
The Donations may be forwarded in favour of  "Sri Siddhamalli Subramania Sasthrigal Adishtanam Trust" [ City Union Bank ] and forwarded to :
Shri.  Madan Mohan
6 / 1, Krishnapuri Main Road,
Srinivasa Avenue
Chennai--600 028
Phone  Res: No. 044- 24937564 /  Mobile:  9444009487
Needless to mention here that whatever Contribution you make, you will get back value added, through His Blessings!  Please be generous in your Contribution.
For further information, you may also get in touch with:
1.  Shri "Jyothisharatna" Raman, Pondicherry.
     Mobile: 94433 09858 / 0413 - 2251842
2.  Shri V. Subramanian, Advocate, Chennai.
     Mobile: 98407 89261
Your generous contribution will help us offer a powerful creation towards the wellbeing of humanity – donate now!


Adishtanam of Siddhamalli Periyavaa