Mahaan Sri Subramania Sastrigal Yatheendraal

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The Greatness of the Mahaan !

Samadesshwarar of Siddhamalli

கலையாத கல்வியும் குறையாத வயதும்

HH Sri MAHA PERIAVAA of Kanchi was camping at Kuthalam near Mayuram.  Periavaa used to go Mayuram to take Holy bath in Cauvery Thulakattam. One day while going to Mayuram through Kozhikuthy village (Padayatra), HH went to Halasyam's house at 4AM. Halasyam was not in the House. His wife Saraswathi came out and informed the Village Headman and VIPs about the visit of Swamiji. About hundreds of persons came and had Darshan of MAHA PERIAVAA.  Saraswathi and other family members offered Vandanams. Immediately PERIAVAA asked the gathering about the identity of Saraswathi. Everyone told Maha Periavaa that Saraswathi was the wife of Halasyam Iyer.


While Sri Subramania Sastrigal was camping at Kanchi Mutt Kancheepuram (Sastrigal used to stay in Kamakoti Mutt with HH Sri Mahaperiyavaa for six months once in a year !!) an interesting incident occured .

One great Sanskrit Pandit and Scholar came from Calcutta and had Darsan of Mahaperiyavaa. He asked Periyavaa to clarify certain doubts on Upanishads. Mahaperiyavaa wanted to bring the TALENT of Sastrigal.So He gave some incorrect replies and asked the Pandit to get it clarified if he wants to do so.Then,the Pandit came to the room of Sastrigal and putforth his questions. Sastrigal answered to all his questions by quoting 'Pramanams' from Vedas.Then the Pandit returned to Mahaperiavaa and told about the verdict. Mahaperiavaa called Sastrigal and Sastrigal explained to Him about various 'pramanams' on this. Eventhough He knew everything Mahaperiyavaa wanted to bring the intelligency and clarity of Sastrigal to the Pandit and did so. Everybody was happy on this event !!!



His Holiness Paramachariar


It is to be mentioned here that Saraswathi, the daughter of Sri Subramania Sastrigal, learnt all sastras from her father and was called by Maha Periavaa as "MAHARAGNAI".  Also learned sanskrit  Granthas from her father.   Having fullest faith in Maha Periavaa, one day, Sri Periavaa Blessed her to attain Swasinya Yoga. She was offered Upadesa "BALA" by Maha Periyavaa. From that day onwards She was chanting Mantras and Ramanamas daily and lived as a Great Thapasvini. She loved all irrespective of caste and creed. She helped the poor and the needy.  She knew of Her end and was repeatedly chanting Sri Lalitha Sahasramam by counting Namavali with her fingers and attained Siddhi. She died at the age of 61.  A GREAT AND NOBLE SOUL


PERIAVAA introduced Saraswathi as the daughter of Siddhamalli Subramania Sastrigal. HH commented on the Sastrigal as an example to the lyrics in ABHIRAMI ANDHADHI – “KALAIYATHA KALVIYUM KURAIYATHA VAYATHUM”............... sung by SRI ABHIRAMI BATTAR  His Holiness Sri MahaPeriavaa  further explained to the persons assembled saying "A MAN LIVED IN SIDDHAMALLI WITH ALL QUALITIES AS SAID IN "ABHIRAMI ANDHATHI " and introduced Saraswathi as His Daughter. All were surprised and praised Sri Subramania Sastrigal's greatness!


Adishtanam of Siddhamalli Periyavaa