Mahaan Sri Subramania Sastrigal Yatheendraal

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76th Aradhana Celebrations - 2009

Samadeeshwarar of Siddhamalli

The 76th Aradhana of Siddhamalli Periyavaa was celebrated at His Adishtanam in Siddhamalli on 7th November 2009 amongst chanting of Sri Rudra Parayanam, Chamakam and other Upanishads by Vedic Scholars.
A large gathering of devotees and His descendants were present for this function to seek His Holy Blessings.  The function was conducted in a grand manner.  This Aradhana was followed by a sumptuous lunch for all the devotees and the village people who had come for the function. 
A lecture on Sri Yatheendraal tilted "Divya Charithram" was rendered by Shri "Jyothisharatna" Raman, the Great Grandson of Sri Subramania Sastrigal [Yatheendraal] on the previous evening of the Aradhana.  The "Pravachanam" was presented in an immaculate manner, bringing out the rare and important moments in the Mahaan's life in a vivid manner, which kept all the devotees gathered, glued to their seats till the very end.  Excellent presentation indeed!
A word of appreciation/praise should be mentioned here to Vadhyar  Kannan of  Kumbakkonam, who ably handled the entire proceedings single-handed, in making the Aradhana a grand success!
Inspite of the incessant rains in entire Tamilnadu, I must point out here that the rains literally stopped in Siddhamalli village, whilestart to finish of performing the said Aradhana. Once the Aradhana was over, the rains started pouring heavily!! It is indeed the Blessings of "Samadeeshwarar" which could keep the rains away till His Aradhana was completed! 
While viewing the pictures, I would request you all to see carefully the photo pertaining to the "veebhuthi abhisekam", [taken from my camera], wherein, you can notice a "Jyothi" appearing from nowhere- behind the "Siva Lingam" on the Adishtanam.
 On seeing this miracle, I should mention here that the Mahaan Himself has given us Darshan in the form of "Jyothi", bestowing His Blessings. This shows that "the Mahaan is still alive and is surely a strong guiding force for all of us"
               [The "Jyothi can be seen clearly in the above photo]
This is nothing but the"Power" and "Mahimai" of this Great Mahaan!
It is also to be noted that one's wishes/prayers at this Adhistanam is answered and fulfilled to the best of the satisfaction of the devotees. So a visit to His Adishtanam is a must for all the people who wish to get their wishes/prayers answered!! 
I have added below an embedded slide-show for all the devotees and also for the benifit of those who could not be present for this Aradhana this year. 
May we all seek the Blessings of this Great Saint!!



Adishtanam of Siddhamalli Periyavaa