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Mahaan Sri Subramania Sastrigal Yatheendraal

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My Reflections

Lalitha Ramachandran-Website Creator

My Reflections on this Great Maha Purushar !


Listen to Kanakadara Stotram

My Guiding Force -Shri Advocate Balu, Grandson of Sri Yatheendraal&also my Brother-in-law

Shri "Jyothisharatna" Raman, the Great Granson of Sri Yatheendraal


 I deem it fit enough to mention here that this Website created and published by me on Sri Subramania Yatheendraal of Sithamalli, incidently is the Grandfather of Shri Advocate Balu, my Brother-in-law, on whose family this subject revolves. He and his direct descendants should and will nodoubt definitely feel proud to have had such a Mahaan in the family tree.

What a Gift..!! 

I also take privelge in mentioning here that, if not , with the help of some of the valuable inputs of Shri “Jyotisharatna” Raman’s inputs on the life of Sri Yatheendraal, the great grandson of Sri Yatheendraal (cousin of Advocate Balu), and also, together with the guidance, support and encouragement from Sri Advocate Balu, creating this wonderful Website on our Sri Yatheendraal, the Living Sage, would not have been possible. 

 My sincere thanks to them for making this dream project of mine possible.

 I should also say that there are certain great men who walk on this earth, like us, but do not really belong here.  It seems as though they have sajourned here to show us the way to light and blessedness.  It is nodoubt evident that  Shri Subramania Yatheendraal was definitely one among them. I am sure we are fortunate to call ourselves as the "off-shoots" of the family tree to which this great Saint belonged.

With all humbleness, I seek the  blessings of this Great Mahaan, to guide us through.




Adishtanam of Siddhamalli Periyavaa